March 2, 2020

Monday, March 2, 2020

France has closed the Louvre and the Domincan Republic was infected by an Italian tourist. An entire nursing home in Washington was infected and many will die–facilities like this one will be epicenters of mortality.

This is a virus that will test our ability to be compassionate, to put ourselves (as privileged healthy people) into the shoes of the elderly and the sick, the workers who need to be at their jobs and can’t work remotely and the populations of poor countries that don’t have ventilators and support medical equipment and staff. 

We healthy, potential vectors, need to step up and take responsibility for curtailing the spread of the virus.

This virus is reminding us to think of others. We’ve grown complacent with the same message from the flu. Will we listen to this one?

March 1, 2020

Thought for the day: Start right now to be prepared. Buy extra supplies of the things you already eat and stock up your pantries. Go over your needed medications and don’t forget your pets!

…and know how to shelter in your home for a couple of weeks…

Analysis: Here’s a thoughtful article by medical anthropologist Roberta Rafaeta called, “From Italy: anthropological reflections on coronavirus, COVID-19”

We will be posting information here on the evolving pandemic of COVID-19. Our intent is to gather the most informative information in one place for our colleagues and our students.

We encourage a thoughtful exchange of ideas. We take a critical approach to understanding health and we forefront the structural vulnerabilities of those who are facing this situation with few resources. Our goal is to advance understanding in a timely and responsive fashion and to learn from this difficult situation as it unfolds.

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