Covid-19 Overview by Mark Nichter, UPDATED 3/31/20

Dr. Mark Nichter is an experienced  medical anthropologist actively engaged in global health research and outreach. This slide show is intended for a general educated audience, university professors wanting to educate their students  and engaged social scientists. This presentation was originally created during  the week of  March 12-18th and will be updated weekly.


Information on Covid-19 is changing rapidly. Many thanks to Mark Nichter for his work on integrating new information into this resource.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

If you are interested in writing a blog for our community, please contact me, Liz Cartwright, It would be great to hear from all of you out there. What is happening in your communities around the Covid-19 pandemic? What are your theoretical ideas on ways to better understand cultural interactions, treatments, forms of personal protection, and the larger issues of power abuses, biosocialities, vulnerable populations, etc.?

Elizabeth Cartwright, RN PhD, is a medical and visual anthropologist who works in Latin America–mostly. Her work is focuses on environmental health, social justice and anthropology with an applied focus; she is a professor at Idaho State University in the lovely Rocky Mountains.

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