“Herd Immunity” & Great Barrington Declaration

Why a “targeted protection” approach is not safe or feasible in the United States

Collin Catalfamo, MPH 1,  Mark Nichter, PhD, MPH 2

1 Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health School, University of Arizona

2 School of Anthropology, University of Arizona


•The societal harm that can occur as a byproduct of extended, restrictive lockdowns are very real; however, the Great Barrington Declaration (as well intentioned as it might be) possesses critical flaws.

•It does not advocate mandates such as physical distancing or the wearing of masks, and does not promote testing and tracing

•The focus is on severe cases, not morbidity that may result in long debilitating symptoms that may follow months after a mild infection

THIS STRATEGY IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. While it may seem like a simple solution that makes sense, remember, the COVID-19 pandemic is a complex problem and as such will require a complex solution.

For the full explanation of this declaration see the following pdf and powerpoint slideshows put together by these authors. Please feel free to share; do acknowledge the authors and HCW Hosted who supports this work. !

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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