Eco-risks and Covid-19

NOTE: Please contact me at if you’d like to do a guest post on this blog. !! “Everyone was trying to be pleasant… but the faces of the old people were scared. They’ve been around, and today at the grocery store, they were scared.” Small town, Idaho, March 18, 2020. How do humans understandContinue reading “Eco-risks and Covid-19”

Covid-19 is diagnosing Mother Earth

If we could but look at our lovely planet earth from afar we’d see that iconic blue marble. If we could look more closely, we could see that it is blanketed in lots of microbes; a veritable robe of virus covers her lovely blue roundness.  And if we could see hot spots, places where the virus breakContinue reading “Covid-19 is diagnosing Mother Earth”

March 5, 2020

Today in the news there are many instances of people, nations and organizations working together to better understand and combat the Covid-19 virus. There are also instances of people and communities being targeted in negative ways because of fear and racism.  Blame, fear and conspiracies result in groups of individuals being stigmatized as dangerous, dirty and theContinue reading “March 5, 2020”